Tax Preparation Volunteers Needed Friday, Oct 24 2014 

Tax PrepMy office is partnering with the Louisville Asset Building Coalition to provide FREE tax preparation services again in 2015.  We are recruiting volunteers to help prepare taxes on four Fridays in February and March 2015 (Feb 6, 20 and Mar 6, 20).  Full training is provided by the Louisville Asset Building Coalition on select dates in December or January.  To volunteer or to obtain more information please contact our office directly at 574-1109 or email Kyle Ethridge for a list of training dates and information.

More information on tax preparation dates will be posted soon.  The service is FREE if you earned $50,000 Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) or less in 2014 or if you quality for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

Weekly No. 9 eNews Thursday, Oct 23 2014 

Click Here to read the weekly No. 9 eNews for Thursday, October 23, 2014.

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Upcoming Junk Pick Up in October Wednesday, Oct 22 2014 

The 9th District Urban Services District (USD) will have junk collection set-out on a select weekend in October 2014, depending on your address.  You may begin setting out your junk Friday afternoon prior to your junk pick-up week and must have it all out by Monday at 6:00 AM.  For your specific junk set-out weekend please visit and scroll to the bottom of the page to “MyLouisville” and enter your address, call the office at 574-1109, or email Kyle Ethridge.  For collection guidelines please visit You may now sign up for junk set out reminders by email and text under “MyLouisville”.

9th District Fall Clean-up Event Tuesday, Oct 21 2014 


Please join me and my staff on Saturday, October 25th, for the 16th Annual Fall Community Cleanup along Brownsboro Road.  Plan to meet at 8:30 a.m. in the Kroger parking lot (2200 Brownsboro Road), please park in the spots closest to Brownsboro Road.  Enjoy coffee donated by Heine Brothers’ Coffee and breakfast sandwiches donated by McDonald’s in Clifton.  Gloves, tools and Louisville PureTap water will be provided to all volunteers.  Please bring your own reusable water bottle.  We’ll also pass out FREE t-shirts on a first-come, first-serve basis to volunteers.  The cleanup will officially begin at 9:00 a.m.  For more information please contact my office at 574-1109.

9th District FREE Mammogram Screenings Tuesday, Oct 21 2014 

The FREE Mammogram screenings scheduled for October 17 was cancelled due to issues with the mammography bus. The rescheduled date is Saturday, November 22. To make an appointment please contact Ms. Pam Cooper at 262-2164. There is no cost to eligible women without insurance.  Women with insurance will need to bring their card so a claim may be filed.


Do you use a Kroger Gift Card to generate Community Rewards for UCHM? If you do, we want you to know that after August 31, 2014, Kroger is changing the program… in a good way! You will not have to load (add) money to a Kroger gift card in order for UCHM to receive a percentage of your purchases. Once you are registered online, it will happen automatically with every purchase when you use your Kroger Plus card!

I can’t tell you how many times I forgot to add money to my gift card, which meant that none of the purchases I made that day brought a penny of Community Rewards to UCHM. Just that fact alone makes me excited about this change. And it’s so easy, I signed up in about 5 minutes!

Let me tell you how to do it. There are 2 requirements for participation: (1) you need to have a Kroger Plus card and (2) you’ll need to create an account on line.


Pilot Food Waste Drop-off Program Ending Tuesday, Jul 22 2014 

Media Contact
Harold Adams, 502.574.6153
Chris Poynter, 502.574.4546

Louisville, KY (July 21, 2014) – A pilot food waste drop-off program begun in April this year by the Solid Waste Management Services Division of Metro Public Works will be terminated August 1, 2014 due to lack of participation.

 The program invited citizens and restaurateurs to drop off up to five gallons of food scraps at a time for composting at the East District Public Works Yard Recycling Center located at 595 N. Hubbards Lane. It was an extension of the food composting component of a Wet-Dry recycling pilot program begun this spring in the downtown Central Business District. The CBD food composting program is working well and will continue.

 But very few food drop-offs have been made at the Hubbards Lane facility, leading to the decision to end the program. However, year-round recycling drop-off for nonfood items continues.

 Four staffed and 13 unstaffed recycling centers are available for drop off of plastic, paper, glass, metal and aluminum. Staffed recycling centers also accept special items such as antifreeze, motor oil and oil filters, printer cartridges, DVDs and CDs, floppy disks and cooking oil.

 Staffed recycling centers are open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at:

East District Public Works Yard
595 N. Hubbards Lane (On the corner of Brownsboro Road.)

Metro Parks Landscaping
9300 Whipps Mill Road

Southwest Government Center
7219 Dixie Highway

Central Government Center
7201 Outer Loop

A complete list of recycling locations can be found at

Free junk disposal of up to three items is available at the Metro Waste Reduction Center, 636 Meriwether Avenue. Household junk items, tree limbs and stumps up to 3 feet in diameter, tires, metal waste, household construction debris, furniture and appliances are accepted. Fees, based on junk volume and vehicle size, are charged for larger amounts of junk. The Waste Reduction Center is open Wednesday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Center also has a CyberCycle program that accepts from residents up to three electronic items at no charge. Acceptable items for the CyberCycle program include televisions, computers, scanners, printers, monitors, tape and disk drives, electronic game systems, VCRs, CD players, digital cameras, copiers, cell phones, CDs and floppy disks. Businesses can also drop off items at a charge of thirty cents per pound.

Household hazardous materials such as paint that are not accepted at the drop-off can be taken to the Louisville Metro Household Hazardous Materials Collection Center (Haz-Bin) at 7501 Grade Lane on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

In addition to recycling, citizens are urged to remember two other R words—Reduce and Reuse. Look for every opportunity to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle items to cut down on waste that goes into landfills. An example is the use of reusable water bottles, coffee mugs and grocery bags. Learn more about how to extend the life of your unused stuff at

Green Triangle eNews Update Thursday, Jul 17 2014 

The last Green Triangle eNews was emailed on July 9, 2014. The 9th District office has decided to combine the weekly No. 9 eNews and bi-weekly Green Triangle eNews. All Green Triangle updates will now be included in the weekly eNews. If you already received the weekly eNews you don’t need to update your subscription. If you would like to subscribe to the weekly No. 9 eNews please click here and include your contact information and in the subject write “subscribe to eNews”.

Junk Set-Out Reminders Friday, Feb 7 2014 

Junk Set Out Reminders

If Louisville Metro’s Solid Waste Department is responsible for picking up your sanitation, you can now be notified by email and text of your next junk set-out dates!

Traffic Circles on Nanz Avenue for Safety and Sustainability Thursday, Jan 23 2014 

 Traffic CircleCouncilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh (D-9) has announced she is allocating $9,000 District 9 CIF for a pilot project to construct two traffic circles: one where Nanz intersects with Iola Road and the other at Nanz and Macon Avenue.  This green infrastructure is in cooperation with the City of St. Matthews.        

The residential traffic circle is designed to be just large enough to force the motorist to travel beyond the adjacent curb line, which ensures a lower appropriate speed for navigating the intersection, but not necessarily a full stop, thus improving safety and reducing carbon emissions. 

“Traffic circles have proven to be effective for reducing speeding in our neighborhoods,” said Ward-Pugh. “Traffic circles can also bring a burst of scenic beauty to an area for a relativity small amount of money.”

 Traffic Circles are raised islands which are placed in the intersection and thereby slowing cars down to circulate around the island. It also allows a better thoroughfare for cyclists who wish to access Seneca Park and then move on to Cherokee Park. 

 “The City of Seattle has found traffic islands have decreased the amount of traffic accidents in areas where they were placed,” said Ward-Pugh. “The city also saw a decrease in speeding as a result.”

The Appropriations NDF / CIF Committee gave its approval to the idea on Wednesday.

The Councilwoman says the next step will be to let residents in the area know about the proposed change.

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