Louisville-Water-CompanyLouisville Water Company (LWC) is wrapping up the work on Mellwood with the 36-inch water main.  On Wednesday (08/17), the contractor is flushing the pipe to put it back in service.  To do this, there will be a no right hand turn from Mellwood onto Frankfort Avenue for Wednesday.  The access point to the main is close to that turning lane.

This work should only take a day and then the turning lane from Mellwood to Frankfort will reopen on Thursday (08/18).

This water main also extends along Main Street.  LWC needs to clean and line the main near Main and Clay streets.  LWC learned last week that LGE has a gas line on top of the water line so the LWC has delayed that work for at least two weeks so LGE can make the repairs.