LOUISVILLE, Ky. (July 15, 2016)The new ramp from Story Avenue to I-65 will soon open to traffic as crews with Walsh Construction continue to make progress on the Downtown Crossing portion of the Ohio River Bridges Project.

“This ramp is the perfect example of improvements being made in the Kennedy Interchange,” said Deputy State Highway Engineer and Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Project Manager Andy Barber. “Drivers had to cross lanes of I-64 to reach

I-65. Now, they’ll have their own ramp, eliminating a difficult merge. This project is organizing traffic, as we untangle some of the weaves in Spaghetti Junction.  The result will be a safer and faster commute.”Ramp

As the new ramp from Story Avenue to I-65 opens to traffic, a number of significant traffic changes are expected. All changes are expected to be in place by 5 a.m. on Monday, July 18.

New Ramp from Story Avenue to I-65

A new ramp will take drivers from Story Avenue to I-65. The flyover ramp means drivers will no longer be merging across lanes of I-64 West to reach I-65 North and I-65 South. The new ramp is expected to improve safety and traffic flow in the area.

Drivers will continue to use the left lane of the Story Avenue ramp to access I-64 West. The right lane of the ramp will take drivers to I-65 North and I-65 South.

“Drivers are getting their own paths,” said Steven Schauer, Walsh Construction project manager. “As we get closer to project completion, the improvements our crews are making are becoming more obvious. Northbound traffic is being collected to head north. Southbound traffic will be collected to head south. Overall, drivers will see fewer weaves and more room to merge with traffic.”

Other Traffic Changes

Earlier Decision Point for I-64 to I-65

There’s going to be an earlier decision point for drivers on I-64 West traveling to either direction of I-65. The split to I-65 will now be a few hundred feet earlier, closer to Story Avenue.

65 South Traffic Splits Right

Drivers heading to I-65 South from I-64 West, I-71 South and Story Avenue will now split right to access the interstate. They had split to the left. The change will create a temporary weave for drivers heading from I-64 West to I-65 South, as they join traffic from I-71. It’s important to note this is a temporary change to allow existing ramps to be rebuilt in the area. Traffic will be in its final configuration later this year.

I-64 West and I-71 South will access I-65 North from the left lane. Drivers from I-71 South to I-65 North will experience the effect of the temporary weave as drivers from I-64 move right to access I-65 South. It’s important for all drivers to slow down and use caution in the area.

I-71 South Traffic Shift

Traffic on I-71 South will be shifting to the left, giving crews more space to work in the area. The biggest change that drivers will notice is that I-64 West traffic will now be merging on their left, instead of the right.

All traffic changes are expected to be in place by 5 a.m. on Monday, July 18. Drivers should be prepared for a new look and feel as they drive through the area. They should slow down and pay close attention to signage, especially during the first few days of the changes.

Weekend Closures

Some closures will be in place this weekend to prepare for the traffic changes. The following closures are scheduled to begin around 9 p.m. Saturday and end by 5 a.m. Monday:

  • Ramp from I-64 West to I-65 North and I-65 South
  • Two lanes of I-64 West from Payne Street to I-65 split
  • One lane of I-71 South from Frankfort Avenue to I-65 split

The following ramp is scheduled to close around 9 p.m. Saturday night and reopen by 9 a.m. Sunday:

  • Ramp from I-71 South to I-65 South

Signed detours will be in place during full closures.


The actual starting date and duration for the work may be adjusted if inclement weather or other unforeseen activities occur.

The Downtown Crossing includes the new Abraham Lincoln Bridge, an improved Kennedy Bridge and interstate connections on both sides of the river. Substantial completion of the entire Downtown Crossing is scheduled for December 2016.

Find all of the latest traffic information and more details on the Ohio River Bridges Project at www.kyinbridges.com.

Navigate traffic with KYTC, www.511.ky.gov, and Waze, www.waze.com.