If you see a pothole on a Metro street or alley in D9, help us get it filled!  Metro Public Works has introduced additional ways of reporting potholes. The new methods are through the Twitter hashtag #502pothole or at a convenient form on the Metro website.

Reporting a pothole via Twitter is as simple as including the hashtag, along with the exact location of the pothole, in a tweet. In addition, a simple form located at the top of the city’s www.louisvilleky.gov webpage works in much the same way. Users can just click on the form, fill in the location information and click “Submit.” The city receives information from both the #502pothole hashtag and the website form, and issues requests to Public Works to fill the potholes.  Citizens can still call MetroCall 311, but may face long wait times, due to so many people calling. The existing smartphone application still works too.  For more information on that, click here.

The new tools are being added to the 2016 edition of the annual Pothole Blitz aimed at ridding the city’s streets of the many potholes left by the repeated freeze-thaw cycles of winter.  In the fiscal year which ended last June 30, Public Works filled 171,995 potholes. Eight-five percent of them were filled in the March/April Pothole Blitz.

Potholes are created by a combination of water that seeps through cracks caused by normal wear and tear in asphalt, repeated freezing and thawing temperatures, and the weight of traffic. Cold temperatures cause the water to freeze and expand, weakening the pavement. The weight of traffic on the weakened pavement then breaks the asphalt, eventually leaving a hole that grows as more traffic goes over it.

Help us improve D9 streets and alleys by reporting potholes today!