CONTACT:  Kelley Dearing Smith


Drivers along Reservoir Avenue in Crescent Hill will notice something that Louisville Water hopes will provide a safer environment – speed humps. Today and tomorrow, Louisville Metro Department of Public Works is installing four speed humps on Reservoir Avenue between Brownsboro Road and Frankfort Avenue.

Louisville Water maintains Reservoir Avenue and the company has been concerned with the number of vehicles that seemed to be exceeding the 25-mile-per-hour (mph) speed limit. Last December, Louisville Water worked Public Works to analyze the traffic pattern and the speed on Reservoir Avenue.  Between December 16 and December 18, the study found that just over 3,000 cars passed through the location in two days. The average speed of the traffic was 33mph with 86% of the vehicles, exceeding the posted speed limit of 25mph.  The study found that 3% of the vehicles were traveling in excess of 55mph with 60 cars traveling with speeds exceeding 70mph.

This property is a popular destination for walkers and runners so Louisville Water decided to move forward with installing four speed humps.  Louisville Metro Public Works will complete the project on Friday and install signage alerting drivers to the speed humps.  Louisville Water is paying for the installation which costs $12,000.