Work will soon be underway to install two neighborhood traffic circles on Nanz Avenue at Iola Road and Macon Avenue.  Traffic circles, widely used in many communities but new to Louisville, have been shown to be effective devices for controlling neighborhood traffic and improving the safety of residential streets.  The traffic circles on Nanz are also designed to attract bicycle traffic away from Willis Avenue, creating a “Neighborway” on Nanz for bicycle traffic.  The project also includes sidewalk improvements.

Metro Louisville is funding the traffic circles at a total cost of $22,000, including $9,000 in District 9 Community Infrastructure Funds appropriated last year, $6,500 this year and the remainder from Metro Public Works.  The City of St. Matthews has agreed to maintain the landscaped circles.  Additional Metro funds will be used for sidewalk improvements and markings.

Look for more information when the traffic circles are completed. Stop signs will remain up for a short period, before they are replaced with yield signs. At that time, slow down and and yield to traffic on the left as you enter the new circles.